FAKE Pokémon Cards

Yes, you read that title right. This post is about Fake  Pokémon Cards. Ebay and Amazon are filled with bundles and lots of FAKE Pokémon cards. You can buy a lot of gx's for just $15.99 on Ebay. A lot of people buy these cards thinking that these are real cards. Etsy could have a lot of them as well. Some are easy to tell that they are fakes, like I went on Etsy and searched up Pokémon booster boxes, and one of the results was a Hidden Fates Booster Box for $30.00. You might be thinking, "This guy isn't telling the truth" or "We already know that those are fake because there is no booster box of that set." 

True, but most of the booster boxes looked they were the real deal, just for a lower price. People even make fake pack wrappers, that look just like actual ones, but they are very shiny, or they have the wrong Pokémon on it. These can be found usually on Etsy. I ordered a booster box of darkness ablaze for $36.00, knowing that it was fake, but the seller sent us the wrong thing, a ten-pack of gx's. I found out that the manufacturer was not Pokémon, it was a factory in China! I created this article so you would know about fake Pokémon.

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